Friday, January 9, 2015


This is the location for you to be able to access and read, at your leisure, the Interviews collected for class last semester.
In order to help you, the student I assign each student one alumnus of UCM Aviation to interview. The purpose of the interview has several objectives. The first is to help you develop perspective.  Most of us have perfect hindsight but very poor foresight. Each of the persons being asked to submit to interviews have 3 things in common. First they are all UCM Aviation graduates. Secondly they have graduated from UCM more than 5 years ago. This means they are experienced in the field of commercial aviation. Third they must be actively piloting for a living. My hope is they will give you some perspective.  They will be able to tell you about professional piloting after they left UCM. The other stated objective is to help you develop the art of networking. Our industry is extremely tiny and networking will become a vital part of your future and will dictate many of the opportunities you will experience.
I hope you enjoy!
Bill Runyon

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